Rare RCA CP-5203 Berkshire 45 in action!

I’m happy to show you this very rare RCA Berkshire totally restored & playing the way it was designed to! If you watched the first video of this player you’ll understand quite a lot more about it. This has the correct GE VR magnetic cartridge in it with a new needle and it really sounds magnificent! Magnetic cartridges, because of their low output, require a pre-amp to play through a standard amplifier. I’ve added a small aux transistorized pre-amp between the player and the amplifier. I used the amp & speaker in my Ristaucrat to funnel the 45 attachment through. It is NOT the Ristaucrat that’s playing – it’s only the amp & speaker in the ‘Crat I’m using! Not only is this a magnificent and rare 45 attachment – it actually sounds magnificent too! I hope you enjoyed seeing this in action. Few will ever get to see one in pictures let alone seeing one that actually works as it was designed to. Remember, this unit was made in mid 1949 making it 62 years old now – older than me!