Pioneer PL-7 Turntable Refurb Project

I’ve been trying to buy a used turntable for about a month and finally scored one from Goodwill’s online auction website. For a total of $68 I got the Pioneer PL-7 direct drive turntable that was made from 1981-82. I received it in good shape as it was well packaged. It was dusty and dirty as it took some cleaning to make it look like new. I spent $20 on a Rocketfish RCA cable from the local Best buy to replace the original audio cable. I used the old audio cable to make a new ground wire – I believe in recycling if at all possible. I used a spare AT120e cartridge that is barely broke in that I got with my Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable. After doing a tone arm and cartridge alignment, and checking the azimuth with my Analog Test LP it was ready to test out. For a $88 total investment it was well worth it as it sounds great.