Recovering An Old 1950’s Dansette Record Player

This is a vintage 1950’s record player I picked up very cheaply and it was in a bad state so I decided to bring it back to life and also recover the outer casing with some period Rexine as used in the 1950’s when this record player was made. I didn’t have any green rexine…

Servicing a 1930’s Turntable

Servicing a 1930’s record changer/ Turntable . This video goes through the proses of finding the faults and getting the old turntable working again..

Murphy A851G from 1965: Full service, circuit and test

Murphy Vintage Record Player from 1965. Full service and circuit explanation (Valve/tube amplifier) Model A851G, mono player, with stereo cartridge. Good solid sound. Goes loud. Plays 33, 45s and 78 records. Sound test at the end.

Edison’s Diamond Disc Phonograph

Whether you’ve inherited one of these wonderful machines, or are interested in purchasing one, these machines are easy to operate and I’ll show you how.

Sanyo LXI record player: how to inspect and service

Follow along as I inspect and service a vintage turntable. This is a light restoration, but it shows the types of things you’ll need to check and service on many types of turntables.This turntable was supplied to Sears by Sanyo. I haven’t been able to find this turntable in a vintage Sears catalog, but I…