Finding the best vintage turntables isn't always an easy chore. After all, there have been so many different brands, styles and models over the years that it's simply hard to narrow down the selection. Sometimes it can also be difficult to compare different choices directly. So which brands do fans respect as being as the best, and which brands should you put at the top of your own list when buying vintage turntables?

Technics Vintage TurntableOne of the first brands that comes to mind is Technics. They are probably the single most used brand across the world, and they have a hard earned reputation of great sound quality, precision and control. They have produced record players for several decades, and have a handful of different models that you could seek out depending on your needs. High quality and great reliability are two things you can count on with Technics.

Of course, Technics is actually a brand name within a larger overall organization, and that's Panasonic. Panasonic has many record players under the parent brand as well, and it's a recognizable brand that is known to be sturdy and reliable, as well as versatile. You'll find many Panasonic turntables that are both affordable and feature-rich, helping you make the most out of your sound.

Kenwood Vintage TurntableAnother great option that you might want to consider is Kenwood. Kenwood is another highly respected brand and they have an extremely long and storied history with turntables, producing dozens of different models and styles over the decades. Vintage turntables from RCA are also highly sought after, and their oldest models tend to have truly great collectible value.

Another thing that you'll have to keep in mind is that prices for different brands, models and styles are going to be very different from one another. The best vintage turntable for $300 won't be the same as the best for $100, or the best for $500, and so on. Therefore, be sure to keep your own budget and price range in mind when conducting your search, and find whatever model is the best in class for how much you want to spend.

Finally, never forget that different people are simply going to have different opinions on this and what the best vintage turntables are. Some individuals prefer specific features or modifications over others, whereas some people trust certain brands, like a certain look or feel, or prefer one option over another subjectively. The point is that, any turntable that you find that you love can be the best for your own needs, regardless of what people say.

As you can see, there are a lot of vintage turntables that are great, and that can be considered amongst the best. There are a lot of great, recognizable and reputable brand names to choose from. There are many more that weren't even mentioned here, and that doesn't necessarily make those any worse. Keep your own budget and preferences in mind, and choose a brand and model that you're comfortable with and that you can personally trust.