How to replace the belt on a turntable

Marantz 6025 semi automatic turntable belt replacement. This procedure is applicable on most belt drive turntables.As a geberal rule here are the steps one should take: 1. Diagnose if you need a new belt. The biggest indicator that you need a new belt is when the record player turns on, but the turntable doesn’t spin….

How to set up a Technics SL-1200

How do you attach the cartridge? How do you actually balance your tonearm? What is anti-skate even for? Jon Hildenstein of NYC turntable workshop DJ Fix talks us through the basics.

Rare RCA CP-5203 Berkshire 45 in action!

I’m happy to show you this very rare RCA Berkshire totally restored & playing the way it was designed to! If you watched the first video of this player you’ll understand quite a lot more about it. This has the correct GE VR magnetic cartridge in it with a new needle and it really sounds…

RCA Victor 45-EY-3 Repair

I need to do some work on the RCA Victor 45-EY-3 45rpm ‘desktop jukebox’ record player that I highlighted in my 2017 video about the 45rpm record, and I talk about the value of played-to-death thrift shop records. Enjoy!

RCA Victor 45-EY-3 (1950)

This is a 1950 RCA VICTOR phonograph, model 45EY3 that I restored. I had to replace the Cam, Idler, Motor mounts, Turntable mounts, Needle cartridge. Checked all the Tubes, Recapped it, Painted the Deck and Lubricated it. The record is the first 45 RPM ever released to the public on March 31,1949, it’s serial #48-0001….